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Yours Truly. Yet another day...Yet Another Road Trip. Let's begin the saga....shall we?

Here's a most-recent shot of my most-recent trusty steed. Givi trunk, Helen2Wheels bag strapped aboard, fork-mounted combo of Hella driving and fog lights, Wilbers shock, ready for YART (Yet Another Road Trip) and, BTW, NIMBY!

TWINS! 12 yrs apart! My old '85 on the left, my NEW '97 K1100LT on the right. This was the day I brought my FYK to Lone Star for a trade-in. She was a good ol' steed, but my new one outshone her...

Here she sits in my driveway ready for the Eureka Springs BBQ run in September 2001, right after I got through grafting on all of the goodies I got to keep from the trade in. Stock high-capacity trunk, fairing bra, tank bag, Hella driving lights, tank cover, radio, and MORE!

Small travel bag inside tankbag with MP3 Jukebox, GPS, V1, cell phone, and all related cables and accessories. All are powered off of a single standard cigarette lighter plug. I use a three-outlet adapter with a pigtail cord that has a BMW plug to fire it all up, and can easily move the bag between vehicles, even take the bag when flying and renting cars.

Deployed on the bike, the V1 rides on a piece of 1/2 bar stock bent up and drilled to fit existing fairing mount screws. It's held in place with a velcro wrap. I weatherproof it by sliding a ziplock bag over it. GPS fits nicely in tank bag map pocket, and MP3 remote velcros to outside of bag. Ready for YART oncemore!




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