West Texas Vistas and beyond
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Hiking up into Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park. The Rio Grande has cut a spectacular chasm in an escarpment that rises over 1000 ft. above the surrounding valley. Yup, that's Mexico on the far side, Texas where we're standing.

Up in the Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park.

Another shot of Santa Elena canyon from a distance. The escarpment runs for miles straight to the south, and is an impressive site.

Break time on the road in Big Bend

Trekking out on Old Maverick Road. My buddy Brian notices his front disc brake has spit out part of its mount. Good thing I keep a rolling hardware store in the tail cone..try finding a 6mmX50 hex head bolt within a 100 miles of Big Bend!;-) Had him back on the road in no time!

Sunset of another West Texas trip...my favorite rest stop. Hwy 165 between Henley and Blanco, TX


Davis Mountains in West Texas (Click on image for larger version)

Turning 50,000 miles on the fly

Rio Grande river road between Lajitas and Presidio, TX

Canyon Carving in the hill country near Vanderpool

Yours truly poised and posed on Old Maverick road

Hill country twisties near Blanco

Back on the Rio Grande River Road

Breakfast with Phil & Harriet Marvin

Look, Ma! No heated grip holders!

Deming bound...WFO on a K12RS with a bad plug only equates to 120MPH.

Phil, dreaming of ape hangers for his K11

The Deming gathering..attracts all kinds of bikes

Where'd that front porch go?

Bikes stretched out to the back 40

Come sundown, time to queue up for some grub.


mmm,mmm, GOOD!

A hush falls over the crowd..too busy eating!

Prez Brent Jass and friend blow in from MN..

We catch up with the Marvins once more



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